The machinery fleet – The dyeing – Environment impact

Today the Company is structured internally to follow all the production stages of lace and fabrics, ensuring products exclusively “Made in Italy”. The machinery fleet, of the latest generation and of avant-garde technology, presents 35 Rachel, Jacquardtronic, Textronic, and Supertextronic looms. Divided into:
-Jacquardtronic 83 bars,
-Jacquardtronic 65 bars,
-Jacquardtronic 59 bars and all types of Textronic from 54 bars up to Supertronic from 71 bars.
Tessitura Antonio Colombo S.r.l. adds its own expertise with the “Euronastri” subsidiary company, with 30 looms for the production of elastic ribbons for corsetry and fashion.
The finishing process is given particular attention. The dyeing workflows are completely controlled through highly sophisticated computer systems to always have a high precision result. All stages of the production cycle are subjected to stringent quality control, to guarantee an always excellent result. THE DYEING The fundamental value of Tessitura Antonio Colombo S.r.l. is based on the sustainable philosophy and the protection of the territory. In fact, the Company since '97 has manufactured a renewable power plant for reducing the use of electricity and water consumption. Today the company is certified with STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® ENVIRONMENTAL
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