Tessitura Colombo Antonio srl has a long history of family tradition and passion for fine textiles, and in particular for the manufacturing of lace and ribbons used in lingerie and women fashion in general.

THE EARLY 60'S Tessitura Antonio Colombo S.r.l. is established in 1960, near Milan, in the years of full economic bloom and industrial development. These are years where the female protest is restless, and where we are witnessing a true revolution of the woman’s wearing and her clothing. Tessitura Antonio Colombo S.r.l., founded by Antonio Colombo and his wife Rosa, fits immediately in the European landscape and becomes a leading Company in the textile industry with the production of rigid lace. The experience of Antonio Colombo, capitalised in his uncle’s textiles Company, allows a fast growth of the new Company, with the production of materials in line with the new needs of consumers, becoming a reliable partner for companies in the production of finished garments. THE GROWTH 70'S - 80'S The growth of Tessitura Antonio Colombo S.r.l. is in fast ascent from the production of rigid lace with a new machine fleet; the Company is renewed and integrates production with elastic lace and elastic ribbons through the Euronastri subsidiary. In 1988, Tessitura Antonio Colombo S.r.l. purchases Euronastri. THE EXPANSION 90'S In the 90s, Tessitura Antonio Colombo S.p.A, runs fast: In 1992 it builds the new 8,000 square meters plant, even today being still the Company headquarters, which together with the pre-existing hangar, reaches a production area of ​​12,000 square meters. In 1996 the great sensitivity to the product leads the Company to organise vertically one of the most important aspects of production: Dyeing. In 1997 is created the Dyeing Operations Department, which today is still the pride of the Company.


In 2009 the Dyeing Department is further expanded with the addition of a laboratory and a warehouse for storage of the products.

The machinery and production departments’ policy of constant updating, for over 50 years, ensures production and leading Customer services.

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